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Himsrot Certified Organic Wild Forest Honey 500g

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Himsrot Wild Forest Honey is certified organic from the heights of Uttrakhand in its purest and natural form. Collected from the natural beehives in the wild forests without human interference or artificial methods which ensures the highest quality and nutrients.

 Natural Forest Honey has great value in Ayurveda to treat various ailments while keeping your body, skin, hair, and heart health. This pure and natural honey enhances your immune system, Helps treat respiratory diseases such as preventing acid reflexes, and helps Skin and Hair to glow. 

More information about Organic Wild Forest Honey:

  • 100% Pure And Natural Wild Forest Honey from the Himalayas.
  • Collected from natural beehives in their purest form.
  • Raw Forest Honey with loads of nutritious and medicinal properties contains antioxidants, pollen, vitamins, and natural minerals.
  • Packed in a controlled and dust-free environment ensures the highest quality of Natural Raw Wild Forest Honey.
  • Himsrot Organic Wild Forest Honey enhances the immune system, helps treat respiratory diseases, prevents acid reflux, and helps nurture Skin and Hair.
  • Recommended for everyone.